Join the ‘Cassowary Cruise’ Thursday 10 April

Join the ‘Cassowary Cruise’ Thursday 10 April

Australia Zoo crew are thrilled to be hosting a ‘Cassowary Cruise’ on Thursday April 10 aboard Whale One, to help Rainforest Rescue raise money to buy back valuable land and create a Cassowary Corridor allowing birds to move more safely between areas. The Trivia Cruise is being voluntarily coordinated by Australia Zoo’s dedicated bird keepers who care for the Zoo’s four resident cassowaries; Stomp, Rocky, Beepa and Babinda.

Australia Zoo Curator Kelsey Engle is looking forward to working in partnership with Rainforest Rescue’s Save the Cassowary campaign in support of conservation for wild cassowaries. “Cassowaries are becoming more and more threatened as a result of an expanding human footprint , resulting not only in habitat destruction but also increased losses from cars and domestic dogs.  With less than 1000 birds remaining, campaigns like Save the Cassowary are key to their conservation,” she said. “Australia Zoo is part of a national cooperative captive breeding program to attempt to unlock the mysteries of this unique Aussie icon and we’re proud to align with Rainforest Rescue to support the cause further,” said Ms Engle.

Australia Zoo is passionate about wildlife conservation worldwide and especially in raising the profile of our incredible and ancient Australian native species such as the Cassowary.  Just like our beloved Crocodiles these birds are almost, living dinosaurs.

To learn more about how you can help the Southern Cassowary through the Save the Cassowary campaign, go to:

To support Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Conservation projects, visit:


WHEN & WHERE: Thursday April 10, 6:45pm for 7pm departure at Mooloolaba Wharf

TICKETS: $30 per person includes 3 hour cruise, dinner, trivia, lucky door and raffle prizes. To reserve your tickets, please email your name and details to Reserved tickets are collectable on the night and can be paid for in cash only.

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