Saving Australia’s Rainforest Dinosaur

Saving Australia’s Rainforest Dinosaur

Rainforest Rescue has initiated the Save the Cassowary campaign in collaboration with Australian partner zoos, government departments, local councils, Aboriginal Corporations and business partners to urgently highlight the future of the endangered ‘Rainforest Gardener’, the Southern Cassowary.

The Southern Cassowary is endemic to tropical Australia’s Wet Tropics region and a keystone species, whose loss would impact other species and the ecosystem. The Wet Tropics World Heritage Area is the second most ‘irreplaceable natural World Heritage Area’ on earth. Many species in the Wet Tropics are only found there such as the Southern Cassowary, the Mahogany Glider and Tree Kangaroos.

Current estimates fear fewer than 1,000 birds are left in the Australian wild. Rapid development has eliminated 85% of its habitat. Little known to most Australians, this living dinosaur evolved millions of years ago, and is vital to the rainforest’s ecological functionality by dispersing the seeds of over 238 rainforest plant species.

Rainforest Rescue and our partners invite you to save this ‘living dinosaur’ by getting to know the Cassowary, understand its vital importance in nature and support Rainforest Rescue’s cassowary conservation initiatives including habitat protection through land buy-back; restoration of vital habitat and corridors; Garners Beach Cassowary rehabilitation centre; and the undertaking of further scientific research.



I hav recently traveld to Daintree frm london uk.
I knew v little about cassowaries.
I am hookd…. I herd the low rumble one nite in Crocadilus camp & saw one with 3 young, in front of our veranda erly one morning!
We MUST save this prehistoric creature.. Its like a tropical paradise ther. No mor buildin, no palm oil, speed humps, wat evr it takes…

We, humans, are the vermin & only we, can protect animals, they canot do it… Like pate de fois gras, PLEASE STOP THIS CRUELTY, EAT SUMTHIN ELSE.. French peple growup thinkin its naturel & becum upset that we think its cruel. Not to mention othr atrocities we cause to defenceless animals.

Lets get sumthing rite, befor today has gone… I wil help in anyway I can, I usd to nurse, but now garden for lovly peple, also othr p/t work in st pauls, london. Im self employd & am saving frm now, to try & help/return. Maureen…

Let tomoro stay brite & pure for compassions sake. Stop the greed for mon & material gain M…i

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