Young Cassowary hit by vehicle on launch day

Young Cassowary hit by vehicle on launch day

It was very sad to receive this message from the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection on the day we launched our new campaign:

“On Monday 17 March 2014 a sub-adult cassowary was apparently hit by a vehicle and killed at Mourilyan Harbour [south of Innisfail]. The bird was found dead on Harbourline Road, and had a bald patch on its rump consistent with vehicle strike. The type of habitat was lowland rainforest / residential / commercial. The road was sealed and straight, with a speed limit of 80 km/hr, and the roadside was partly cleared.”

Please remember to slow down in Cassowary areas and be alert for birds crossing.


These roads should ha e speed humps and lots of them


how to instill in people – locals and visitors, a sense of awe and responsibility, to appreciate and care for such an essential part of the rainforest eco-system….yes with the speedbumps….when there are fewer than 1,000 of these ancient birds due to human encroachment on their habitat, we need to s l o w d o w n to ensure that they can survive and thrive into the future.


This is very sad! I am a huge bird lover and whenever a bird dies, I get very upset. This is very disappointing and whoever did this should be very ashamed of themself.

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