CassowaryRainforest Rescue has initiated the Save the Cassowary campaign in collaboration with Australian partner zoos, government departments, local councils, Aboriginal Corporations and business partners to urgently highlight the future of the endangered ‘Rainforest Gardener’, the Southern Cassowary. Rapid development has eliminated 85% of its habitat and current estimates fear fewer than 1,000 birds are left in the wild.

Little known to most Australians and over 80 million years old, the Cassowary’s vitality is integral to Wet Tropics rainforest ecological functionality. Over 20 plant species are entirely dependent on the Cassowary dispersing their seeds. Without the Cassowary the very future of the rainforest will be compromised. As the Djiru Aboriginal people of Northern Queensland say: “No Wabu, no Wuju, no Gunday” (No rainforest, no food, no cassowary).

Rainforest Rescue and our partners invite you to save this ‘living dinosaur’ by getting to know the Cassowary, understand its vital importance in nature and support our conservation initiatives including: habitat protection through land buy-back; restoration of vital habitat and corridors; Garners Beach Cassowary rehabilitation centre; and further scientific research.

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