Caring for cassowary orphans

C_Rainforest_Rescue_Garners_Beach_Cassowary_Rehabilitation_C entre

Three orphan cassowary chicks are in care at Garners Beach Cassowary Rehabilitation Recovery Centre at Mission Beach.

Two of the chicks have been in care since 11 October when they were found wandering down a road in south Mission Beach without their father. It is believed he was killed in a dog attack.

The third chick came into care on 16 November when it was approx. one month old after being struck by a vehicle in Etty Bay. The chick was initially unable to walk, and was found to have a fractured tailbone. Under the care of EHP rangers and the Tully Vets its condition improved steadily and it is now able to walk, and has been transferred to the Centre for ongoing care.

All three chicks are steadily improving and their appetite is growing daily! It is expected they will be in care at the Centre for approximately 12 months before they can be returned to the wild.

Please donate and help us rehabilitate these chicks

These chicks are the future of the endangered southern cassowary population

All costs associated with raring and rehabilitating these chicks (and all birds taken into care at the Centre) is funded by Rainforest Rescue – this includes food, vet bills, carer costs and the Centre’s maintenance.

It costs $36 to feed and care for one bird for one day. Please support the rehabilitation of these chicks so they can return to the wild.

Please donate and help us rehabilitate these chicks

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