The Southern Cassowary….a model father

Stu and chick spotted at Sanctuary Resort Mission Beach

The male Southern Cassowary is a role model for all dads, humans or otherwise. As a hard-working single parent they hatch their chicks and raise them, teaching them all they need to know until they are independent enough to make their own way in the world.

Remind you of anyone?

So this Father’s Day what better way to say “I love you Dad” than with a LivingGift that will protect and restore rainforest for the endangered southern cassowary.

Order now to ensure your Dad gets his gift in time for Father’s Day

With a Rainforest Rescue LivingGift card you’ll not only be showing your Dad that you care, but that you care enough about the future to help make a difference.

Cassowary HatchlingIt is the sole responsibility of the male Cassowary to incubate the eggs, a process that takes approximately 50 days.
Cassowary with ChickThe male Cassowary looks after his chicks, all on his own, until they are around 9 months of age.

Cassowary Care Package

Show Dad you care with a Cassowary Care Package which will provide habitat and a natural food source for the endangered southern cassowary.

Order your LivingGift online today or call us on 1300 763 611


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